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About the author

Heather Refetoff was born in the south of England in the baby boomer years. As a young adult she lived in Montreal, Canada, and Paris, France.  In her mid-twenties when working for the British Government in North America, she moved to Chicago for what she thought would be a two-year tour but, falling in love with the city, she stayed and eventually in 1990 became a US citizen. As Vice Consul for Commercial Publicity she travelled extensively around the mid-west representing British business and industry.  In 1980 she married Dr. Samuel Refetoff, a world-renowned endocrinologist at the University of Chicago, and adopted his three children, Osceola, Solveig and Sofia.  Life as a faculty wife was busy and rewarding with sabbaticals and lectureships in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and innumerable visits around the world to professional meetings and conferences.


“Quartet” is her first novel, inspired by Peter Mayle’s “A Good Year,” which she read whilst on holiday with her family at Le Moulin de Bacchus in 2005.  Roughing out the story line on her husband’s computer, she travelled on to Turkey and back to Chicago before deciding to seriously address writing the book.  Over the next seven years she wrote, expanded and rewrote, honing the story to the point where her characters walk off the pages into her life and those of her readers. Truly a labor of love, "Quartet" addresses the complexities of a 12-year marriage of one couple threatened by sudden disability, and contrasts it with the fresh new love of another. Her lightness of touch and charming descriptions of England’s East Midlands and the Loire Valley of Central France make the reader want to book a flight to explore the actual locations of this delightful novel.